About us

OUR ETHOS: Dealing responsibly with animals and nature

Markus-Mühle produces near-natural, species-appropriate food for your dog in the idyllic Westerwald region.

Josef Olberts, Master Miller, laid the foundations for our traditional manufacture of food 50 years ago, when he began to develop his own recipes for a perfectly balanced animal feed. Our company philosophy can be harnessed in a single phrase: “in harmony with nature”. This mission statement covers our products and the near-natural, cold-pressed manufacturing process.

Right from the beginning, Markus-Mühle has been involved in sustainable animal welfare. We also campaign for diverse conservation projects with the aim of achieving new habitats for endangered animal and plant species. Our beliefs mean that we forgo animal testing and the use of palm oil and, because sustainability is an affair of the heart for us, our entire production is run by hydroelectric power.