In harmony with nature: traditional cold-press-manufacturing process.

By using natural essential produce and innovative, nutritious preparation methodology, as a traditional Westerwälder company we stay true to our goals:

  • We have already always avoided adding meat-and-bone meal despite legislation only coming into effect in 2000
  • Not adding indigestible vegetable and grain by – products, such as bran, husks, soya extract and wheat gluten
  • No genetically modified components
  • No chemically derived colours, digest or preservatives
  • No inorganic minerals, such as calcium carbonate, stone flour or feed lime
  • Using natural essential fibre
  • Made in nuggets to enhance chewing and salivation
  • Nutritional production methods

The department for quality control at Markus Muehle ensures a ongoing stabil quality from only the best raw ingridients. This process is verified by further development and certifications.