Cooling, not Cooking

Cold-pressed… what is that?

YOUR DOG WANTS TO LIVE A HEALTHY LIFE TOO and therefore our premium quality ingredients contain all the necessary nutrients for a healthy, appropriate diet. In order to retain these nutrients in the best possible way, we had already decided 50 years ago to make exclusive use of a cold-press procedure to manufacture our unrivalled dog food.

The process of cold-pressing is the method of preserving the basic nutrients whilst making the pellets in such a manner that the ingredients do not gelatinise. In our opinion this means optimal digestion by the dog.

All raw ingredients have to undergo strict incoming quality control.

The various original components are then mixed carefully and put in the press in order to form pellets, which are ideal for the dog’s manner of chewing.

The mixture is funnelled into a mould, which then forms the pellet in a procedure we have developed without using steam or high temperatures. This is accomplished via means of a specially designed cooling process.

We strive continuously to optimize and improve this method of production, to lower the temperatures even further to enable the retention of the secondary plant and nutritional ingredients, e.g. herbs, as far as is possible.

Cold-pressing means that we are able to avoid high temperatures and the use of steam during the manufacture of dry dog food. This ensures that the nutrients contained within the pellet are conserved to the greatest possible extent, therefore providing the closest species-appropriate diet for your dog.